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Our Philosophy 

Cypress Point is all about teamwork. The company is building a team that includes its sales representatives, dealers and through building the brand, the ultimate end user, the consumer. By supporting its dealer network in ways uncommon to the industry, management at Cypress Point Home offers a mutually profitable association.

Principals Barbara and Rhett Sypher, each 30-year industry veterans, believe that home fashions revolve around how people live and that lighting and accessories are chosen by the consumer as the finishing touches that bring together furniture, carpeting and window treatments. These important accents must be fresh, clean and different so as to coordinate rather than to dominate the room. Each item is carefully created to complement the way people live today. In fact, the lighting and accessories by Cypress Point Home coordinate with many different lifestyles. The company provides lamps and accessories that are targeted to retailers whose focus is on today's colors and form, and the blending of lifestyles. The CPH product line is created to withstand the test of time and is never trendy.


The company's tag line belies a unique understanding that the retailer and the consumer deserve details that separate quality items from commodity products. Each soft shade is double lined so as to keep the light bulb and hardware from being seen through the shade. Hardback shades are manufactured using heavy gauge styrene to prevent light bulb bleed and burn. Shade selection is based on design and never price. Mountings and caps are made of either wood or metal, never plastic (resin). 3-way sockets are designed with a solid brass thumb switch that will age beautifully over time and adds a touch of elegance to each lamp. Finials are either made of porcelain, wood or metal and feature a complimenting form and finish to the base of each lamp.

Showrooms and Introductions

Cypress Point Home will be presented in showrooms at the major markets, which include Dallas and High Point.  Products are designed four to six months in advance of introduction. Representatives and dealers will have the opportunity of previewing new products prior to introduction exclusively through the web site in a password protected area. 

                          ". . .the difference shows"

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